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  1. Rapi Custom 404 Page

    Change the default Joomla 404 template to an attractive format with just a few clicks.
    - 14 Attractive Templates
    - Ability to change the text (above, middle and back button text)
    - Fully Responsive
    - Very Light
    - User Friendly Design

  2. ochBlog

    Joomla! has a long history of being the perfect CMS (Content Management System). in previous versions (1.x / 2.5), although maturing, the Content (articles) generation and displaying lacked Blog functionality. There are different requirements in having a Blog then in having an article.

    Time to leverage your Joomla! CMS into a fully fledged Blog platform!

    Adding ochBlog functionality to your Joomla! CMS gives you (and your bloggers) the following benefits:

    • seamlessly 'convert' Articles into Blogs: configure which Joomla! categories (include / exclude) hold your Blog articles.
    • Differentiate between regular bloggers and pro-bloggers: Configure which bloggers (via Joomla! user group membership) should have 'pro-blogger' functionality: their avatar and name are linked to a professional Authorprofile page showcasing all their expertise. This gives you the possibility to e.g. differentiate between normal and paying bloggers.
    • Integrated Avatar support: currently supports avatars from Kunena, Easy-Profile, Gravatar, CJblog (1.x and 2.x)
    • Integrated About text support: currently supports author about text from ochBlog (via Joomla! custom user field), Kunena (about / signature), Easy-Profile (any field), Gravatar, CJblog (1.x and 2.x)
    • Integrated Authorprofile page support: Use the ochBlog build in Authorprofile page or use the Kunena, Easy-Profile, Gravatar, CJblog (1.x and 2.x) profile pages
    • Dynamic Article info: Add your bloggers avatar, Social Sharing buttons, Article info (dates, category, etc), badges for the article based on article hits, article hits, etc. to your article. Fully configurable!
    • Dynamic Article Author info: Add your bloggers avatar, Social Sharing buttons, Author badges (based on number of articles written, unlimited number of badges can be configured), Author about text is displayed for 'pro-bloggers' with a dynamic [read full profile] button when length of the text is above configured parameter
    • Content Construction: use values from Kunena user profile, Joomla! User profile, Easy-Profile and Joomla! 3.7.x custom User fields to dynamically replace variables with their values.
    • Build-in Authorprofile page: giving you the basic functionality: avatar, bio (fully configurable with Content Construction), about text and Social Sharing functionality. It also holds two module positions so you can extend the Authorprofile page with (any number) of Joomla! modules!
    • Increase Blogger commitment with Notification system: Automatically notify the Blog author when the blog reaches a configured number of hits. Unlimited hit limits can be configured and the email message works with Content Construction so the message can be customized to suit your bloggers need.
    • Article list module: Sharing the code base of Joomla's own 'Articles - Category' module this module adds avatar, author and Authorprofile page functionality to the already fully packed functionality!
    • and more to come....

    Coming soon (under development):

    • New Joomla! Custom Field plugin for Avatars / Images (uploading - webcam - mobile - cropping)
    • Front-end Article list (front-end article management)
    • RSS feed on Authorprofile page (all Author articles)
    • Integration EasySocial, Community Builder (for Avatar, About text and Content Construction)

    New in version 0.1.0

    - Hello World!
  3. Contact Info

    Τhe easiest way to display your website's contact information. This module allows you to specify various company information details such as a logo, social media links, and other contact info.


    • Fully customizable with many parameters.
    • Responsive Web Design.
    • Multilingual Support.
    • MVC support.
    • Based on Joomla! coding standards.


    • Style (Vertical or Horizontal layout).

    • Label Type (Text Label or Icon).

    • Icons (Fontawesome icons or upload your custom icons for social media links).

    • Text Before (You can enter a text that will be displayed before the information).

    • Text After (You can enter a text that will be displayed after the information).

    • Contact Information (You can specify various contact information details such as a logo, company name, slogan, phone number, fax number, mobile phone number, email address and website).

    • Address Information (You can specify various address information details such as address, city, state, zip code and country).

    • Social Media Links (You can enter the links of your social media such as the Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Linkedin, Vimeo, Pinterest, and Behance).



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  4. Ripple Effect

    Add a Water Ripple Effect to Your Background Using WebGL with Beautiful Parallax Effect and Desired Message.

    A Lightweight Joomla Section Builder Module for Creating a Layer of Water to Your Joomla! Site Which Will Ripple by Cursor Interaction with HTML Markup and WYSIWYG Supported Content area and Beautiful Parallax Effect Background .

    Exclusive Features

    Joomla 3 Ready.
    Multi-lingual Supported.
    Responsive Parallax Background.
    Easy and Quick Installation.
    Supports Ripple Effect On Image.
    HTML Supported Content Area.
    Full Customizable Background.
    Multiple Instances on One Page.
    Ripple Control Options.
    Control Section Margin, Padding, Height.
    Background Overlay Color with Opacity.
    Control Section Height According to Devices Viewport.
    Module Style Overrides Available form Template.
    Customize style with available Gulp File.
    Super lightweight and easy to use.
    Strong Administrator Settings.
    100% Money Back Guarantee.
    Lifetime Free Updates.
    Fast Support By Real Developer.
    Secure Payments By PayPal.

  5. JoomRecipe

    JoomRecipe is the best Joomla Recipe Extension, let you do everything you need to efficiently manage your recipes and cookbooks inside your joomla! website.

    Main Features

    • Frontend Submission, turn your users into authors and give them the possibility to create their recipes
    • Recipe Manager, easy-to-use management screen with numerous edition features
    • Responsive + Bootstrap 2 and 3 compatible, works great on mobile devices, tablets and computers
    • Multi Language Support, recipes or categories can be associated with a language for multi language cookbooks.
    • On-the-fly quantity converter, adapt the quantity of ingredients according to the number of people. How Convenient!
    • Share Recipe, share your recipes using Facebook, twitter, pinterest, stumble upon and other social networks
    • Nutrition Facts, Kcals, carbs, salt, proteins... JoomRecipe is also perfect for diet websites
    • Recipe Price Management, should you need to provide a price for your recipes, it is possible
    • Rate Manager, give your community the opportunity to rate the recipes
    • Recipe Tags, link recipes together using tags
    • Times viewed, know what are your most famous recipes thanks to their view counters
    • Eco-print Feature, make your users save ink by only printing what they need
    • Watermarked Pictures, protect your original pictures thanks to automatic watermark
    • Support Videos, make your website more interactive using videos!
    • Report Comments, keep your content clean and get informed of abusive comments
    • Shopping Lists, manage your shopping lists, print them out or flash them with your smartphone and check your shopping lists at the supermarket
    • Meal Planner, help your users plan their meals for the week thanks to our nice drag and drop meal planner!
    • Alphabetical Search, browse and filter recipes easily by letters.
    • Module Positions, customize your content using internal module positions and display ads, banners or any content.
    • Content Plugin, display recipes in your Joomla articles using easily using shortcode.

    Backend Features

    • Intuitive Control Panel, well organized backend screens, search features & filters
    • Category Manager, create as many categories as you want. Categories can be nested. No depth limitation
    • Recipe Moderation, keep your content clean thanks to the approval process
    • Comment Moderation, decide who can comment and manage comments easily
    • Email Notifications, stay informed of new recipes and comments posted on your website
    • Auto Update System, just add your licence key and update JoomRecipe automatically

    Display Options

    • Layouts, single column, dual column or thumbnails layout. You have the choice
    • List By Category, display your recipes by category
    • Pagination, paginate your content as you want to
    • Display Control, enable/disable display on a per-field basis
    • Most Viewed Recipes, display your most popular recipes
    • Latest Recipes, display your latest recipes
    • Featured Recipes, display your featured recipes
    • User Favourites, display your favourites recipes
    • Archive List, display recipes archive list

    Flexible Features

    • Extensible Units, looking for a flexible way to manage your cookbook? Add new ingredient units to the predefined list of units (grams, kilos, pounds, etc)
    • Extensible Ingredients Group, recipes might necessitate several preparations (sauce, seasoning, etc). Create as much ingredient groups as needed
    • Gallery Module, define which recipes to put in image slider (latest, most viewed, best rated, etc)
    • Search Module & Plugin, extend Joomla native search to include your recipes. Joomla Smart Search is also supported.
    • JomSocial & EasySocial Integration, display user favorites and user-created recipes in profile
    • Disqus Integration, Spoil your community thanks to Disqus!

    More Powerful features

    • Powerful Search Engine, include (or exclude) ingredients from your search. Search (or not) over recipe names, tags, description
    • Fine Grained Permissions, based on Joomla Permissions. Who can create, edit, delete, manage recipes and comments?
    • Supports US/METRICS, JoomRecipe has been thought to answer worldwide expectations. US or metrics quantities display is a built-in feature
    • Google Rich Snippets, tell Google your content is recipes. You just need to activate the feature to use microformats
    • Well Coded Pages, Canonical URLs, Google recommandations followed. We are proud of our code quality